Why is it still taboo to talk about the benefits of kegals at 40?

This is a challenging topic for me to write about, one that I never thought I would write about and I also feel it’s time to and that we need to have the conversations need to be had about products for women and their benefits.

I’m lucky that now I have a safe group of friends who I can talk about these things with, and yes I’m curious, shy, embarrassed and now open to hearing and exploring.

So what am I talking about… Well for now it’s kegal balls! I was lucky enough to be chosen by the Soloh team to represent their brand and products - now you can imagine for those who know me - that I was a little shy about this and still at 40 thinking ‘what will my Mum think?’, and that has lead to interesting conversations and Google searches, and I think its a conversation that we’ve never ever had.

Growing up as a ‘Gen Y’ and the child of the Baby Boomers era in a wonderful christian household I look back now and don’t think these topics were talked about. However, I’ve since been learning that new Mums are told of the benefits of Kegals for post birth, and that women should be talking about and learning of the benefits. Now I won’t go into them here as the Soloh team have done that better than I can (read here), but I can talk about my experience.

Now, along with so may topics we could and should be talking about I think it’s time to tackle the taboo of womens products…

For the ladies reading this, all I can say is get some! It doesn’t matter your age, health, kids or no kids, we all work out out bodies and muscles but we all know there are areas we don’t think to work out - or know how too, bar those weird pelvic floor exercises we are told to do.

These beautiful, magical little balls are amazing, I’ve even had friends tell me they go running with them and that to me sounds like one strong pelvic floor muscle! Myself, I’ve been working my way through the weights and I can safely say they make a difference, and a time investment in my future health.

Talking abut the company - working with, or ordering from Soloh is more of an experience, the kegals come beautifully presented and no one at work will know what you ordered when they arrive and then once you’re home, clear instructions on how to use. But most importantly and the number one reason that I chose Soloh is how ethically they align their business, partners, and manufacturers, with a goal of educating about the production of intimate objects.

So, my learning from this year is to find a safe space, get your girlfriends together and talk about the taboo subjects, ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and challenge our own internal beliefs on what we should be discussing, we all have our topics we grew up knowing were out of bounds but we need to challenge why and after all we only have this one life and we need to embrace it and live it to the fullest!