Strength comes in many forms, and I wonder if typically when we think of being strong, it is in the physical form, for me however I believe it starts with standing strong in your core values, those pillars that keep you focussed on what is important and they can be used as a focus point to bring you back when life feels like it is getting off track. 

I don't know about everyone else out there but getting off track can happen so easily!  An injury, comment, rejection, an approach from an exciting opportunity... All these have the ability to derail us, and don't even get me started on dating!  

Having had all of the above and watching others also go through these bumps in the journey of life, proves to me that we need to be grounded, to have those around us that can bring us back and help us to realise when we are moving too far from the path that we have been travelling on.  

For me, I am so blessed to have the most amazing mentors in my life, those people I know that I can call or message (or they will call me), they will talk sense, or encourage me to think bigger, they see in me what at times I don't see in myself and that helps to build confidence and self belief. 

As we all do go through times of highs and lows, certainty and uncertainty, it means we need to know what our core values and strengths are - in business and personal - keep ourselves grounded, only have those in our lives who will support, build us up and tell us the truth.

This all leads into our health, both physical and mental and by taking a wholistic approach in this area I know has helped me a lot!  Over the last year and a half I have felt like a pin cushion whilst having so many blood tests done, analysed what is going on in my head with amazing psychologists, worked on fixing my body with acupuncture, physio, chiropractor, meditation, swimming, dietician and the gym.  

Through it all I wonder what it would be like to go back 10 years and start again...  But then all the amazing people in my life may not be here and would life really be any different?  So it is back to the values, back to the core and heart of what life is about and at that core is family and health, does anything else really matter?