Who is the person you are creating?

The person you are creating now, is more important than the person you've left behind - I saw this statement from Monique Hohnberg and it really struck a chord.

Too often I find myself holding on to moments in the past, words people have said, hurts, confusion and misunderstandings, have they done me any good... No! But, how can I change my feelings towards them?

I believe it is by rewriting my story, this story is my internal story the one I tell myself when moments arise that take me back, and it is likely that even my family, friends, colleagues or clients don't see or think that I have a story, as I know I am great at portraying the me that these various groups want to see.

Does that mean I am being genuine or authentic - maybe not, or am I being genuine with each group?  It is one for me and only me to think and reflect on, to ask myself do I want everyone to know everything about me, or is it time to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve so that I am open to disappointment and hurts, or is that what makes me uniquely me and the reason why I connect with people.

Brené Brown is quoted as saying "When we deny our stories, they own us. But when we own our stories, we get to write the ending." 

So I am going to own my story, the good, the bad and the ugly (cliche I know...) I am going to rewrite internally how those memories are held, the feelings and emotions that go with them, it is time to not let them hold me back anymore as I know I am here for so much more and to accomplish that it is time to change.

Now the 'how' I am going to do that is another story, it will be a process or reflection, noticing when the feelings come or a pattern is emerging and I am picking that a lot of journalling will come from this time.

The Collective Hub summarises this nicely in a blog following Brené's recent visit to Sydney and it looks like I'll be reading the book Rising Strong soon.  

I'm sure that we would all like everyone to think we have it together and we are living in a perfect world, but it isn't true, there is so much brokenness, unhappiness and searching, that unless we truly connect with each other we won't see that side and we won't be vulnerable with each other, someone has to start.  

It is a bit like the paying it forward movement, doing good for others is fantastic but we need to remember to be kind and compassionate to ourselves first.

It would be great to hear if anyone else is on this journey and steps you are taking to re write your story.