30 Day Challenge - Day 1

I have joined the EnjoyHF crew for a 30 day challenge, along with that physical and nutritional challenge, I have also decided to document my learnings on a daily basis... this for me is a focus and willpower challenge.

Over the next 30 days on the nutritional side I endeavour to be sugar, yeast, gluten, coffee and alcohol free, this I have done before and with much success.  In Jan 2012 I lost 30kg over 5 months, managing to maintain that for the following 2 years, this I want to do again only it seems lately my body doesn't want to, it could have to do with illness and stress over the last 12 months so I will be persevering!

Bring forward to now, it is a new day and an opportunity to break habits, overcome thought patterns and try new ways.  Just this morning at the gym I was overly excited to be able to do leg/ab raises and by holding onto a pole behind me I could take my legs to the ground and back up again.  This... I haven't been able to do for, actually I don't know how long... the feeling of achieving what I have felt for a long time is impossible (due to where the rotation is on my lower back) was such a buzz!

Weight and food is an area I have struggled with for a long time and the two for me can compound themselves.  If I can't exercise the weight starts coming back on and therefore I 'make myself feel better' but comfort eating, it is a vicious cycle and yes I know food is 80% of the weight loss journey but mentally exercise is so key for me.

It scares me that I live fearing I will injure myself, get sick or simply get out of routine and that it can so quickly undo the good work I will have been doing up to that point.  Right now I feel amazing (not quite look amazing, but I do know I won't be a super slim size 10 model... that I am not aspiring to), what I endeavour to achieve is a healthy balance of life, exercise, food and enjoying being with friends and family, not worrying what I look like in a photo will be an awesome bonus!

So, please bare with me as I go on this journey I promise to say if I have slipped up and also to not let any slips derail me, my mission weight wise is to come down by 5kg and to work towards being able to jog again (yes jogging isn't fun but it is a goal). 

Now for today, so far my delicious Bondi Wholefoods Paleo bread and salmon for breakfast, and chicken with broccoli salad for lunch are doing me well, not to forget a lot of trusty H20!  So onwards and upwards, I don't just want to start out strong but also finish strong or stronger...  Being able to start doing pull ups would be amazing!

The challenge is set... 

β€œIt is better to make many small steps in the right direction than to
make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”