30 Day Challenge - Day 2

If anyone tells you cutting sugar, coffee, gluten, yeast and alcohol from your diet is 'easy', then they haven't done it...  The cravings, headaches, tiredness are all starting to kick in.  Today when I should have been swimming, I was having a nap on the couch - I never nap!

I am looking forward to getting over this patch, maintaining the strength and willpower to help adjust my body to this new way.  Some might say 'no fun', but the benefits of unlimited energy, clear mind and feeling healthy inside and out is going to outweigh this tough patch.

Why am I doing it? A question I do ask myself, as I feel healthy, happy and I can easily complete a WOD at the gym or a 15km walk... Well, my reasons go from wanting to easily fit in that fun dress or wear jeans, to making sure I am healthy into the coming years, and simply to feel better.  Bar my weight I know I am healthy, so imagine what I could do if I was 20kgs lighter...  Maybe just maybe my knees wouldn't hurt as much (netball and horses, they aren't good for the joints!)!

So this is the mission I am on, enjoying delicious meals of broccoli salad and salmon, or chicken and vege scrambled eggs... Deciding, am I looking for inspiration and constant change or to keep it simple and predictable for the next 30 days.  Right now I am thinking predictable as that is so much easier, and I can get my treats at cafes right... aka like Bondi Wholefoods paleo bread or pancakes (yes they are healthy, Dave told me so!) 

Day 2 has been a struggle, super sore from the last 2 days at the gym and ensuring I break through my cravings. It is only the beginning and on this journey I am also learning I need to be nice to myself, be compassionate and say it is ok, being aware and mindful of these moments, reflecting on why I might be reacting in a certain way, or reaching to fulfil that craving, what is the emotional response behind the reach... 

Yes, the road is long (now I have the song in my head), and I don't know where it will lead but I will learn a lot going on the journey!  Any and all tips greatly received, if you have been on your on journey I would love to hear your story.

Signing out till tomorrow