Thinking about Vulnerability

There are many definitions of what it means to be 'vulnerable', but to each of us I believe it is different depending on the day and stages in our life. 

Lately there have been challenges, times when I have opened up to another person and let myself be vulnerable, something I struggle with and am not good at.  Could this lead to disappointment, quite likely...  or could it lead to something amazing, potentially and without allowing my guard down I'll never know.  

Dr Brené Brown, defined vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” 

For me there is no bigger time to test this than opening up to another person or getting up on stage and singing karaoke, both I have done recently.  

What I have found, since our wonderfully amazing karaoke evening, is that singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' in front of 25 friends has boosted my confidence, there has been no downside to facing the fear of judgement of others, and yes I know that we shouldn't look to our neighbours/friends/family/co-workers for validation, but sometimes we need that boost. 

At the moment it feels like most days bring some aspect of needing to be true to myself, to be vulnerable to someone close or a stranger, I don't want to lose this ability and wonder if we were all more open and vulnerable with each other, if that would foster better relationships in life and work. To be able to trust on a deeper level and truely know that we have each others backs.

This world is moving further away from connection and therefore we don't seem to have to build this skill, but to me a key strength is connection and connecting people, to trust and see others succeed, to always be building up and owning up. 

Love your thoughts on this topic and how it plays out in your life both personal and business.