2019 - The year of being outside my comfort zone

Following a huge 2018, that involved well trekking over a mountain in more ways than one, I decided that 2019 would be the year of being ‘outside my comfort zone’. Where this came from I’m just not sure, but it’s coming into play quite nicely.

At the end of last year I went to Sky Siren’s ‘Bring a Babe’ day only a week before leaving for New Zealand and tried out pole, lyra, silks and burlesque… Now, burlesque is a dance I’ve wanted to try for years but have been far too nervous to try, so I went, tried, and signed up to the ‘Baby Doll Burlesque’! 8 weeks from the start of January and I have to say I was exceptionally nervous going to class #1.

Every step it took to walk across town to get to class was daunting and to add to it my headphones went flat, so it was just me and my thoughts for an hour post work and pre class - a scary place. However, I faced the nerves, joined the class, caught up on the previous class I had missed (due to still being in New Zealand) and left feeling empowered, confronted (i don’t like looking at myself in a mirror) and it turns out an aggravated disc in my lower back (🤦‍♀️, of course I could injure myself dancing), a trip to my faithful chiropractor this weekend, some needles, releases and it’s settled back down (😅).

Now my #outsidemycomfortzone I have to face is if I’m going to the end of term dance/photo session and I have to make up my mind fast!

Prior to coming back to Sydney and joining the dance class, my year started with swimming with Hector’s Dolphins - I’ve never had such beautiful creatures so close to me and it was just magical. Then I moved to Mount Cook and walked the Mueller Hut walk, I’d booked this thinking my injured foot would be better (it’s still not) and without really comprehending what 5 hours walking up a mountain in New Zealand would be like… it’s bloody hard!

Following 3 months of no walking, hiking or gym, only yoga, I popped the pack on for an over night at Mueller Hut. My first time hiking to a hut in NZ, alone, staying with 28 strangers, in bunks, on top of a mountain. Just a few criteria for being outside my comfort zone. Needless to say I walked it and safely, the sign said 3.5 hours up and i did it in 5 - admittedly an hour of that was stopping to take photos, talk to people and enjoy the journey, but more on that in a later blog (so many photos to share!)

My list is growing of what I can do this year and I’m always keen to hear other ideas or what challenges you, so drop me a comment 😀

On the list is public speaking, learning a language, jumping from a height (safely), standing near a cliff edge, trying new foods, camping in Australia (so many creepy crawlies) and I’ll keep updated on more as I add them.

For now, it is onwards and upwards over the next 6 weeks as I learn to bring myself out of my safe shell and find a new confidence that burlesque looks to be able to teach me, along with the body confidence that I saw last week, it was simply amazing!

Till next time xx