Saying yes, even though it's scary!

Yes, no, maybe, not sure… all words we use on a daily basis and typically it is for a variety of reasons.

Yes - I’ll join you for a drink, a hike, birthday party, unless it’s a No - I’m not drinking, I don’t like hiking and sorry I have something else on that night. But more and more, I see used ‘maybe’ or ‘not sure’, rather than committing, either way, and seeing what happens from that commitment, it feels like people are waiting to see if a better offer comes along or are too nervous to try something new.

This year is about saying yes, being outside my comfort zone, pushing my perceived limits, and looking at those areas that for 40 years I’ve thought I can’t do and then breaking down that barrier to realise what I am truly capable of, if you follow my Instagram you’ll see exactly what I’ve been up too.

Learning Number One

I love burlesque!

The freedom that joining the Sky Sirens crew has given me is amazing, I’ve learnt to accept myself, challenge myself, wear clothing I’ve never worn before and be comfortable in it. Have a photoshoot for their Instagram - now that was a real ‘Yes I’ll do it’ moment - and most of all I’m loving this body that I call home for 100% of the day, it’s not like I can just flip it out and get a new one tomorrow.

Being in a supportive environment builds acceptance and the girls I’ve been doing burlesque with this year have all been so fun, accepting, intelligent and without doing this we would never have crossed paths, to which I’m grateful we have.

Saying yes to a photoshoot…

Saying yes to a photoshoot…

Learning Number Two

I love indoor climbing!

Who would have thought! I remember at school going climbing and I was terrified, to the point I couldn’t keep going and I sat out the rest of the day. I then remember a leadership course and the night before I worked myself into such anxiety over doing the high ropes course that most thought I wouldn’t be able to do it - but I did and quite enjoyed it. So when my dear friend Jo said lets go climbing, I said - YES - knowing that she’s climbed for years and I could trust her. So off we went and the great part was Jo didn’t care that we were starting in what I was calling the ‘kids’ section, but really it was all levels, and I climbed my first Level 8 wall, then went onto the pumpkin and bats, that took a bit of encouraging to the top - but that feeling once there was pure joy and omg I did it!

Under a week later back at St Peters Climbing Gym, and I flew up my first wall, second wall, third wall - which was a level 13 - up a level 14 and back up the 13… my confidence just exploded, but I also know my limits which means this week I’m just going to have to push through and keep challenging myself - I have a date with the Level 14 that beat me...

My first wall!

My first wall!

Learning Number Three

I love overnight hiking and camping!

The feeling of setting out for a destination and all you need is on your back, then setting up home and providing for yourself in the most basic of ways - ok so I have all the right gear, but you’re still at the mercy of mother natures mood that day/night.

Now I know I did this on Kokoda for 8 nights last year but I had Simeon assisting with they ‘everything on your back’ part, so learning how to overnight in the Australian wilderness and building confidence that I can do this, a step further than day hikes and 5kg and it is leading me to contemplate a two night adventure but now to work out where and do I attempt solo or with a friend.


This leads me to we are only in April and already I’m ticking some big items off the list (some I didn’t know were on it) and learning that saying yes to opportunities is only scary if we let it be, but if we open ourselves to the opportunities that can arise from saying a definitive yes or no, then the world or backyard is our oyster.

We are designed to be stretching ourselves, we don’t have to keep our limiting beliefs along for the ride to supposedly keep us safe, as breaking those could very well be the fix we have been looking for and expand our confidence, life, experiences beyond what we thought possible.

If you’re reading this, first thank you and secondly let me know if there is something I should add to my list and I’ll see if I can challenge myself outside of my control.