A lot can happen in 30 days...

30 days ago I started a challenge, one to get me to the gym nearly every day and one to write, again, nearly every day.

This has been a fun journey one that has challenged me to look internally, to see not only what I have to say but what I want to say, as there are many stories to tell. However, I know that I need to feel that they can benefit others along with benefiting myself. 

What have I learnt... That on the days I don't write I miss it, however it also means that I am out having fun with friends enjoying life and not in my 'own head', so to speak. That I need to be kind to myself, if I miss a day my thoughts wont stop and the world wont fall over (although I do have some lovely readers who message me asking when my next one is coming and thank you for that!) and that with every 'save and publish' it scares me, it makes me question why I am doing this, what the purpose is and is it dangerous to put my thoughts out there. 

Then... I go of course it is! People do this all the time and then some write it solely for themselves and one day publish a book, so I will keep pushing on exploring my beliefs, thoughts, challenges and life journey. 

Further more on the learning... throughout the 30 Day Challenge at the gym I have pushed myself, tried hard, had successes and moments of not failure but I could do better... Being mindful of words I am using and altering them to a more positive version, pushing through any discomfort to realise that it potentially isn't pain, but if managed correctly and strength built up then the body can handle it, it will simply be overcoming the mind.

So have I lost 10kgs in this last 30 days and really on my way to hitting some of my goals, not quite... Have I lost a few kilos, a lot of cms overall, toned up, have a heart rate that recovers quickly, and feeling amazing and strong...  The answer is yes!

And that to me right now is far more important, to be in a stable place mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To feel happy again, excitement for all the new changes and challenges ahead, and ready to achieve more than before!  

So watch out the coming months, as I keep myself accountable not only with the Enjoy Health and Fitness team, but with my friends, family, work colleagues and well through writing.

Bring on the coming months!