30 Day Challenge - Catch up

As we all know with any sort of goal or challenge that we set ourselves, they will be easy and tough...  What I have found is writing everyday is really tough! So, I am being nice to myself and simply combining my thoughts.  

Technically now being at Day 7 of the challenge I feel as though I have more clarity, energy and vibrance! Ready to take on the new beginning tomorrow with all the vengeance that new role needs.

On reflection I am not missing alcohol, coffee or sugar, however it may be the next stage cutting fruit consumption that will be tough, so the willpower is kicking in and along with the willpower comes stubbornness, I will need this to continue on the journey through the weeks and months to come.

What I am looking forward to is achieving the goals I know that I can achieve, focussing on myself and not what others think I should be, but who I truly want to be. Yes I need to lose weight and that will come, for me personally to ensure I am exercising daily, eating healthy and having fun, that is most important.

On this topic I read a blog yesterday by Coach Simon Taylor, now this was an interesting rant about the fitness industry and how it is broken, so have a read as it would be good to know your thoughts. My fave quote was:

"There is an overriding belief that the measure of health is somehow related to appearance.
This could not be further from the truth.
You cannot judge a person’s health based on their appearance."

He goes on to say, that yes there are outward signs of health indicators (as we all know) but we can't see what is unseen, and for this reason as I have said before we shouldn't be judging others; until we have walked in their shoes, helped with their struggles and sat through the pain and triumph, then and only then can we pass comment.  Hopefully that is when trust and friendship has been built, bringing with it a safe zone for feedback and to help grow to the next levels. 

So this time is about growth, reflection, health, fitness and happiness. These are all areas I am wanting to continually grow in, to become who I know I am and further who I know I can be. Shredding the worries, fears and attitudes of old and starting new, so I will leave you with my favourite saying and the poem is even better (but longer).

"People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime!" 

Till tomorrow