30 Day Challenge - Struggling

So why is it that we can know everything and yet sometimes it seems to take so long to register or fall into place...  That is how I am feeling on this journey.

Now I know that undoing the injuries or losing the weight over night isn't going to happen that easily, and more importantly I know my fitness and strength is constantly improving, which to me is the best part. However, it would be so great if there was a magic pill to get it all started...  A legal, good for you pill, a way to kick start the body and to get moving in the right direction, aka down!

Yes, being sugar, yeast, gluten, alcohol and coffee free is fantastic and feeling amazing, but there must be something amongst the remainder of fruit, veges, meat and fish that is holding my body back, I would love any tips if people have them!

I know there is counting calories, weight watchers, meal replacements etc etc out there, but I do want to do it naturally, the right way and a sustainably lifestyle way.  Ideally to get to the stage that having that piece of chocolate or glass of wine is ok and not going to send my body into a spiral back upwards in the weight division.

Any tips, tricks, thoughts, ideas, recommendations I would gladly receive! 

A small one tonight, just something that was on my mind and I promised myself I would share nearly everything...  

Struggling however not giving up and still in a very positive mindset! 

Till tomorrow