Digging deeper on my journey to health

How many of us go about our daily lives and not feel quite right? Maybe we don't want to get out of bed and face the day, crave food or sugar constantly, have a 'fog' over our energy and brainpower, or find ourselves using all our energy just to be that person that people know us to be. 

This was me, at times over the last couple of years suffering from all of the above.  I remember thinking 'if I just do x I will feel better' or 'if I try to do y', but none of it worked, and then moving onto the thought patterns of 'what is wrong with me', maybe I need to exercise more or less, sleep more, read more books, not drink coffee...  So many thoughts were passing through, getting over analysed, Google searches happening and really I was only simply existing.  

Sure I was having fun as well, but it wasn't constant and once the day was going the stamina to keep going would appear, however I wasn't realising that I was operating on nothing and it wasn't within the realm of my control.

Finally I gave up, called the Sydney Integrative Medicine office (bare in mind I have prior to this called them about 4 times and not made an appointment over the past year or two), as they look at treating you holistically and at finding the root cause.  So after filling out a 50 page document, talking to Dr Sandy Eun for an hour I was sent off for numerous blood tests.

What came back was such a bad overgrowth of Candida in my gut that there was no absorption happening, there was no B12, protein, zinc or any of the other necessary 'ingredients' to keep my body functioning right. Upon asking Sandy what the symptoms of this could be were, lethargic, anxiety, depression, skin break outs, cravings, memory loss and more... All of which I had been experiencing for about 2 years.

So, finally on the right track as the cause is identified, now what...  This is where the hard work and constant battle comes in.  It was May/June 2015 that I found this out and had my first B12 injection (hallelujah this was amazing, instant energy!), so the next stage was to go sugar/yeast/coffee/alcohol free = hard but not impossible.  My gym was having a 30 day challenge so that was perfect, I joined in an that gave me the goal and bang 8kgs gone over that 30 days a miracle, it felt like my journey and body was on the right track.

Then a few months later sickness hit, a round of antibiotics and I was back to, what felt like, square one. The cravings returned, weight came back on even though I was still trying to eat right and still exercising, I had another B12 shot as the blood tests again showed I had none and then it was up to me and my concoctions of herbals. So I fought, daily and hourly trying all sorts of different techniques but nothing was working. Tonsillitis then came along with another two rounds of antibiotics (as we know this kills good and bad bacteria in the gut), and it all simply kept increasing my stress levels.

Gut issues / candida + stress + antibiotics = a really crappy place! 

Come January after being back in New Zealand for Christmas/New Year I was really stoked that my blood tests came back perfect for B12 etc, not quite the candida yet it is still ongoing, although I am not risking and taking a B12 spray each day to ensure my body keeps healthy. I am ensuring my diet remains as close to possible for gluten/yeast/sugar/coffee/alcohol free and being on another 30 day challenge (which will be extended, then extended again) is helping to keep the focus as if I can focus in small chunks it is a lot easier for my body, brain and willpower. 

This is by no means easy, I sometimes look at those who seem to have no health issues and wish I was at that place, also knowing that I have no idea what is going on in their lives but it is the perception - slim = healthy.  Whilst I have a long way to go it is comforting to have so many supportive people around me, those that know how I push and work within my limits at the gym, how I love to watch my heart rate monitor as when I finish a class my heart rate recovers so quickly. 

Yes it will be an ongoing battle between body, mind, willpower and not self sabotaging myself to get to a place where I am comfortable, strong, happy and even more healthy and it is a battle I am taking on! 

I can't recommend enough that if you aren't feeling 'normal' or are out of sorts to see a really good Doctor, like Dr Sandy she wasn't cheap but my health and sanity is worth it.


“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body.
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you
will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”
~ Anthony Robbins


I will gratefully receive any tips, hints, recipes or comments.


   Today at the gym completing a gruelling intense Enjoy Health and Fitness workout... Thanks to Alena for the photo :-) 


Today at the gym completing a gruelling intense Enjoy Health and Fitness workout... Thanks to Alena for the photo :-)