How often do you get swept up in this crazy world of being social, happy and keeping up expectations, both internal and external, and then not staying true to yourself, your dreams, goals and purpose? 

I know I do it often, not stopping to consider if the answer should be no, or if what I am about to do will get me closer to my goals, dreams and the person I want to be.

So what is important, for me I consider it to be our foundations and in that includes health, friendships, family and purpose, at the end of the day when all else is stripped away we need those strong foundations to get us through the tough times and celebrate the successes. 

I truly know that I am blessed with amazing friends, family, colleagues and clients (a lot who cross over into friends) and without them in my life it would be very empty and lonely. In saying that though there are times when it is still lonely, when you wonder what you are achieving with the direction of your life, is the path you are on the right one and what would it look like had a different decision been made 20 years ago.

But that can only hold a fleeting moment in the thought pattern, as we are all here for a purpose bigger than ourselves, we may already know what that purpose is, or perhaps know what it is and be pushing back not willing to admit that is our calling. I know my purpose and it scares me, even though it could possibly be changed.

I remember back to 2009 in church when a prophetic preacher was visiting and he called me out, to say that the journey I was on was exactly where I needed to be, and that I didn't yet know the amount of people I would have an influence over. (It was a lot longer but that is about all I remember, plus it was a long time ago...). 

At that stage I believed it was due to the business I was starting, sitting here now it was a bigger vision, starting my business was simply setting me up for more to come. The move to Melbourne, working for Xero, disrupting the market and helping thousands of business owners around Australia and further to cope with the changing landscape, to build bigger and sustainable businesses and adopt technology. Will it stop there? Likely not, in 5 years I could be looking back and thinking that was simply another stepping stone on this journey. 

A big part of my journey now is to focus on these foundations, to build back up my scaffolding and that is in all aspects, physical, spiritual and mental health. To realise my triggers and make sure I have the safety harness in place to ensure I don't fall, to know when something is toxic and remove it from my life and to learn to be nice to myself, to have the compassion and empathy that I have for others for myself, this is a constant learning, as it doesn't come easily to me. Part of writing and setting this as a goal is to assist with being self reflective, putting it on paper and showing myself another side that is there to be explored. 

What I have taken away from recent times is that so many go through tough times and if you know your safe friends, and can reach out to them knowing that they will listen through your tears, it will help to heal faster and ensure those foundations stay strong.


“Living a great life means interacting with the world in a way that gives us
meaning and positive emotions without causing harm.”