Setting Goals

Now I don't know about everyone else out there, but I really struggle with setting goals, I tend to be more impulsive and decide in the minute that this is what I will do. However that is not goal setting, that is not getting me closer to my visions and dreams for my life, or the reason why I am here. As April is quickly bearing down on us, I decided it is now that I need to look at the goals.

In a discussion recently we were talking about goals and my friend Richard kindly offered to talk me through an easy and fool proof way of setting goals and this made sense to me, making small goals each day that can easily be ticked off and achieved, this helps with the habit forming and also the subconscious, by achieving and ticking off these small goals each day it will build new pathways, positive emotions and confidence!

Just deciding to go ahead with these small daily goals means that I can tick off number one... Aka just get on and do it! I will be creating myself a spreadsheet, adding to it daily, recording and also writing to remember, which will help build those positive connections with goal setting and whilst I will still be impulsive I will be achieving as well. 

On reading a number of articles I came across one from Jan 2015 in Entrepreneur "Forget big wins, take baby steps for small, daily wins", and the steps below: 

  1. Narrow down your big plan to one specific goal.
  2. Break that big picture goal down into systematic, manageable baby steps (think daily bite sized pieces).
  3. Less is more. When it comes to execution, frequency is king. Do a little a lot instead of a lot a little (small, daily progress trumps one big time block once a week).
  4. Document and celebrate your daily success (no matter how small).Direction is more powerful than speed.
  5. Focus on progress, not perfection. Be gentle with yourself. Making mistakes is normal (you’re human).

Now, I will be starting off with goals such as 'ring the pottery school and register for classes', then from there it will be an action to attend. This is all a part of the journey of rediscovery, new talents, likes, dislikes and to build on my skills for the future. 

So it is time for some baby steps, reprogramming and getting on with small daily achievements, and what I am looking forward to is looking back over the week, month or year and going wow I did a lot!

How do you set goals? Any tips?