Steps to achieving the seemingly impossible goal of Kokoda

So many emotions are rolling through me these days and thankfully none are now the 'what the heck was I thinking, I can't do this!' that I have had this year. 

A major lesson in the journey to and pursuit of this goal has been 'this is all down to me', no one else is going to get me through the trek, to be able to battle the thoughts in my mind or take each step for me.  Friends and family can support, lend gear, a listening ear, encouragement and walk some of the ways with you, but at the end of the day how we face a challenge is all down to the work we put in mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Step 1 -  Make the dam decision! 
Back in November 2016 in a state, upon reflection, of brokenness when I knew I had to set an unachievable goal to focus on, to be making small steps towards and through this it has meant training, health, food, not drinking, more sleep, have all come under the banner of small steps and yes there have been sacrifices and will be more but if we want to achieve then we have to trim ourselves of what holds us back. 

Step 2 - Tell someone! 
For me, that was my trainer Andy, and my coach Christine, it meant they could help structure a plan physically and financially, keeping me accountable and working towards achieving.  We all need these people in our corner, they are the ones we invite in to be on the journey with us, to know our weaknesses and strengths, to challenge us as they tend to see things we don't see in ourselves. 

Step 3 - Paying the deposit!
I remember the day I transferred those funds in April 2017 it was only small but it was a commitment to myself and Backtrack Adventures that I would be there.  Not having set a goal, so far out, for a long time felt scary and empowering.  It also made me realise that not many people do set goals like this, or if they do it's not to go hike for 10 days in a jungle...  

Step 4 - Train! 
Turn everything into training, walking to work morning and night, weekends turn into hikes, start to find people to hike with and those who will push you but not break you, as much as you need the physical you also need the mental training, and that can even come down to 'what the heck do I wear' questions that take up our mental space - now this is especially if you like to be over prepared...

Step 5 - Prepare and Prevention! 
Part of this prep is to ensure the body is up for the challenge, fixing old injuries, seeing the physio and working on weak spots - aka I had to activate glute muscles that weren't firing and look at fixing a year old shin injury that has been causing inflammation and fluid retention in my leg.  Prevention physio or chiro is important as if we don't work on those weaknesses then they could bring us down on day 1. 

Step 6 - Relax! 
I was told last week "Do the training and mental work, then relax and health and well-being will come as a matter of course".  So two months out the aim is to walk as many steps as possible and enjoy the lead up to going, plus... a weekend with friends in Cairns pre the adventure is on the cards! 

Bring on September... but not too fast! There is still so much training to go and many steps to climb...  :) 


"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life
running up and down the field and never score"
Bill Copeland