What do you value?

As a part of the journey I have been on over the last... well 37.5 years but, especially the last 4 months or so, I had the opportunity to evaluate myself, my values and my career goals. Part of this has been working with INS Career Management and so grateful to have come across Laura!

So sitting through doing the self analysis (yes that is always scary), I came out with my career motivators, personal values and career values. This was an interesting and thought provoking stage to go through.

Firstly, my top career motivators came out with Security and Challenge! Go figure, they don't go together...  and yes that is what most people have said when I tell them.  When I put myself into that context I know that it is because when I feel secure in myself, my place in the company and my role, then I will challenge.  I will challenge myself, my clients, the product and yes even my manager (I do need to be careful doing that...).  What this has helped with is going into my new role and knowing this factor, so in deciding where to go I had to make sure there were areas ticked and I knew I could feel secure in the move, management, role and team.

Secondly, my personal values, so this was a hard one! I had to go through a lot of values and pick out my top 5! In doing so it really didn't take too long and I came out with Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty, Compassion and Passion. I love this list, and for me I know that well I am most certainly far from perfect and stuff up quite often, I know I can come back to this list and feel a connection with it. That this is where I want to live my life from, work with my clients and businesses from and be known for.

Thirdly, my career values, now this is a lot longer list (see below)! I am sure those that know me well could almost have written this out for me, but myself in the headspace and place I was in I needed help and completing this analysis gave me that. Again, I really connect with this list of 12 values, and what it means to me is that I need to focus on ensuring I am fulfilling these areas within my daily and work life. If I am missing an area then I will need to work to insert it back in.

For me I also know that I thrive in an environment of positivity, I need that positivity to be able to give it out to others and also to ensure that I am refilling my 'positive tank'. There are many ways to do this, however for me it is being around colleagues and friends who will work hard to lift me up, challenge me from the safe place of trust and honesty, and ensure that I am included. For me the feeling of exclusion or abandonment can send me into a spiral of self doubt and letting the 'gremlins' come back, aka those little guys that go around in your head working over every word that was said and analysing how they meant it...  

As I look through my motivated talents, I see words such as liaising, influencing, representing, motivating, empathising, intuition and more, these are all aspects that I know have been a part of me for well years.... (kinda scary getting near 38!) and I know that they will remain a big part of my ongoing future.

I recently changed my Twitter quote to be "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams". I have big dreams, how I will achieve them I don't know but I believe that if they are meant to be then in someway they will happen. For now I am to focus on the amazing opportunity before me, working in a positive environment and utilising my skills, it is also likely I will be seeing the wonderful Laura again to assist with my ongoing development as we all need assistance, all the best sports people or business people have a team of experts around them, so why can't I! 

Till tomorrow